In Your Words 6: Hey there, USA Rugby

Dear USA Rugby,

There are a few things I love in this world. One is ice cream. Another is America. And the third is rugby. While I don’t expect to scoop Ben & Jerry’s for the rest of my life (though I’d gladly indulge in tasting their newest concoction every now and then), I am the man to help grow our great game right here on the home front.

See, I picked up this crazy game just like most Americans have—while in college. The thrill of hitting with no pads for 80 minutes and then enjoying a pint or two after seemed too good to be true.

Of course, the game is growing like crazy. You’re the caretaker of the game here in the U.S., but even your team can’t do it alone.

That’s why you need me.


So why exactly am I the right person to help make rugby the next major sport in a country dominated by football, basketball and baseball? Let me show you.

Media Maven

Well, one of the weaknesses in the current American rugby scene is proper media coverage. Sure, there are a few websites that attempt to keep the public informed, albeit at a level of professionalism that would even make Kim Kardashian cringe.

What I can bring to you is both the knowledge and experience in sports media that can propel rugby from infancy to legitimacy.

I’m a 23-year-old University of Florida graduate student studying sport management who obtained his bachelor’s degree in journalism from Gator Nation. I’ve covered sports dating back to my high school days, and have been growing my brand through big-time websites like Bleacher Report and FanRag Sports.

Did I mention I’ve also had a story featured in Rugby Magazine?

I’ve also worked as a content editor for an Internet marketing company in Miami, where I learned about both search engine optimization and how to parallel park my Ford F-150 for six months.

Work and Play

Besides being a big fan of the game, I’m also the current captain for the UF club team, an All-SCRC selection, have interned for Florida Rugby Union and currently work as a brand ambassador for Serevi Rugby.

I am a rare breed in that I am an experienced athlete who actually knows how to articulate thoughts and ideas. Unlike the NFL with its endless cast of player-turned-commentator wannabes, I’m experienced in both avenues. Whether it’s podcasts, articles or video appearances, I’ve got the perfect package of both on- and off-field skills.

Motivation to Be the Best

Let’s just say I live and breathe rugby and want to make it the next big sport in the United States. I can connect with and build a bigger audience and help give legitimacy to a game that deserves it. I’m the biggest competitor. I hate to lose…at anything. And in this case, my determination to give the American rugby community the best coverage it deserves is unwavering. Still have your doubts? Check out my Pinterest board to see just what I’m all about.

I hope to join this journey with USA Rugby in creating a long-lasting, successful rugby culture here in the greatest country in the world. Let’s make rugby more than a sport; let’s make it a lifestyle.



Stephen Sheehan


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