In Your Words 12: Analytics

For the final week of class, our topic is an all-important one in the realm of multimedia communications: analytics. Our final assignment is to examine a wealth of data on Facebook InSights about the XYZ Company, a heating and cooling company based in Western Massachusetts.

The Facebook analytics data is available here at: MMC5006-week12.

For the purposes of this assignment, it is my job to review the said analytics, discuss key findings and suggest improvements and ideas for future posts and more complete IMC integration.

Key Findings Untitled

The data gleamed from the week of 3/11/15 to 3/17/15 reveals some interesting trends and findings for the XYZ Company. At first glance, here are some key findings:

Page Likes

  • Increased to 167 in total, which was up 12.8 percent from the week prior
  • The 19 new Page Likes represented a 137.5 percent increase overall

Post Reach

  • Total was 3,689, which was up 31.8 percent from the week prior
  • Post reach for the week was 3,647, an increase of 30.9 percent


  • 207 total people engaged (increase of 65.6 percent from week prior)
  • 139 likes, 16 comments, 13 shares, 299 post clicks
  • Most active post was published on 2/27/15 with reach of 3,500 (71 likes/comments/shares; 44 clicks)
  • Fairly steady engagement on a daily basis, with highest on Saturday (140), Sunday (136) and Monday (138)
  • 58 percent of fans are women, with fairly even age distribution between 25-64
  • Large discrepancy in reach on basis of gender (73 percent male, 26 percent female)
  • More even engagement (60 percent male, 40 percent female)
  • Nearly half of reach is to men between ages of 25-44 (44 percent total)
  • 40 percent of engagement is from men between ages of 35-54

Overall, the data shows positive progression in terms of engagement, reach and likes from the week prior. Further examination reveals, however, that an overwhelming percentage of the post reach came due to paid advertisements rather than organic searches. This was also consistent for page likes, as many came due to paid ads.


There are several areas in which the XYZ Company can improve its Facebook page and activity usage. First, the data shows that a majority of its audience falls in the 26-34 age range. With that being said, tailoring content to that demographic would likely help improve the company’s Facebook page activity.

To do so, having more call-to-action posts would make sense since this demographic is already captured. Now, the goal would be to turn that audience into a more active one in terms of purchasing. The company could do so by offering discount posts to provide incentive to purchase products.

Another improvement that seems both viable and necessary is increasing organic reach. This can be achieved through better SEO. There’s nothing wrong with garnering activity through paid advertisements and boosted ads (as the company has successfully achieved), but the ultimate goal of increasing brand awareness should be through increasing organic reach. Essentially, the company probably needs to do a better job of getting its name out there and having potential customers find them through other avenues rather than paid ads.

IMC Integration

That being said, increasing organic reach through improved SEO could be achieved through other channels. Creating a blog or more effective main website with fresh content that ranks stronger in terms of SEO would be a great start toward boosting results. This is absolutely necessary when looking at the fact that just one person visited the Facebook page from Google search results.

Additionally, an effective IMC approach should make use of additional social media media channels and also email marketing. The company could easily set up Twitter and Instagram accounts, especially since the demographic that engages with its Facebook page falls into the 26-34 range that likely uses these social media accounts already. Overall, the company is definitely on a good start, and with better SEO and integration with additional channels, it’ll be able to grow its brand awareness and increase its organic reach.

Future Posts 

Based on the available data, the most effective posts to create in the future would involve discounts, contests or giveaways. The few giveaway-style posts have done well in the past, including the February post referenced earlier that had a reach of 3,500. In general, it seems like the customers are interested in savings (duh!), and the viral nature of discounts/giveaways could help increase the Facebook post shares.

Integrating these posts in other offline and online channels shouldn’t be too difficult. For example, the company could have a giveaway based on the Instagram user who receives the most re-posts or likes featuring the company’s image or link to the specific giveaway. The same could be done on Twitter based on the the user who receives the most retweets or likes with a link to the giveaway.

From an offline perspective, the company could feature a print ad in a local newspaper since this is a small regionally-based company, and it could also do so via magazines that are specific to the industry. Overall, building a small, regional company takes time, but integrating multimedia campaigns and using analytics can help propel that growth much quicker than ever before.


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