Final Project: Serevi Rugby

We’re finally at the end, and what a ride it’s been. During the course of this semester, we’ve learned about everything from social media to proximity marketing to analytics. Combining 12 weeks of lectures, discussions and assignments into one cohesive analysis of a company’s IMC strategy was an incredibly difficult but useful final project. For this assignment, I selected Serevi Rugby—a company that’s aiming to grow the game of rugby in the United States from the youth level on up.

As a brand ambassador for the company, I have some first-hand experience seeing just how marketing campaigns are constructed. However, this project took that to another level and hopefully this project should serve as an example of how the company could continue to grow. Let’s take a look at who Serevi Rugby is below.

What is Serevi Rugby?serevi

Serevi Rugby was founded in 2010 by rugby legend Waisale Serevi and several partners. Based out of Seattle, Serevi aims to grow the game of rugby in the United States by providing rugby development programs, camps and clinics that aim to identify and cultivate elite rugby talent.

According to the company website, the company’s mission is, “To be the globally recognized platform for young people to progressively discover, enjoy and excel through rugby.”

The company works together with USA Rugby and other companies to help grow the game through a network of coaches and professional players and other staff members. Overall, the company serves as a platform to grow the game from the youth level all the way to the elite of the elite.


Target Audience11018335_992690574089448_3790436908467202490_n

Serevi Rugby’s target audience is the rugby community in the United States. This includes everyone from youth athletes all the way to elite ones. The company is based in Seattle, so there is a heavy emphasis on athletes on the west coast.

However, as the company has expanded, Serevi hosts high performance camps throughout the country, including all the way here in Florida. In that sense, the target audience is fairly broad and is inclusive of rugby players of all ages.

The target audience also includes rugby coaches, as there are different clinics and programs available to improve their coaching techniques and knowledge of the game. Overall, the audience is certainly the American rugby community with an emphasis on the younger demographic up to college-age, as this is considered the future of the sport and the means for it to grow in popularity in the U.S.


SWOT Analysis 10357171_992169907474848_5347092917062576380_n


  1. Backed by well-known rugby legends with excellent backgrounds and notoriety worldwide.
  2. Works in conjunction with USA Rugby, the governing body of rugby in the United States, so it has legitimacy and support from the highest level.


  1. Rugby is the fastest-growing team sport in the United States, so the market will continue to grow.
  2. Obesity epidemic has created a need for more fitness activities/sports, and rugby is a new avenue for kids to pursue as a means to stay in shape.


As someone who’s a rugby player, Serevi Rugby is definitely a recognizable brand in the community. In fact, outside of USA Rugby—the official governing body of the sport—Serevi is the crown jewel of the rugby community.

The company’s mission of growing the game in the United States through its camps and clinics is an admirable one, especially because of the focus on the youth. Because the sport is growing at such a high rate, it’s great to see that the company is making an active effort to propel that growth from a hands-on perspective.

In terms of its marketing, Serevi Rugby is definitely doing a lot of great things. The company is active on social media and doesn’t face much competition because of the relative small rugby market in the United States compared to other sports. That being said, the company still has plenty of growth to achieve in terms of sheer following and reach.

That said, that growth will likely coincide with the growth of the sport itself, so Serevi has a vested interest in making the sport a staple in American households. With rugby returning to the Olympics in 2016, the next year should serve as a major opportunity to continue to grow the awareness of both the sport and the company before it hopefully explodes next summer. If Serevi is able to continue bringing the sport to various places all over the country and grow the game, it will achieve even more success.


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